Exhibitions (Part 2)

Shasta College Art Gallery, Sed Etiam, Redding, CA (solo)
Contemporary Jewish Museum, New Works Old Story, San Francisco, CA (group)
charcoaldetroit.com, artwork using charcoal from Detroit area homes and apartment complexes. Web exhibition live for one year. (group)

Aspen Art Museum, Anderson Ranch at the Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO (group)
Block Gallery, Mark, Sacramento, CA (group)
Block Gallery, Judy, Sacramento, CA (group)

The Jewish Museum, Repairing the World: Contemporary Ritual Art, New York, NY (group)

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, However Often: Drawings, San Francisco, CA (solo)
Intersection for the Arts, Terror, San Francisco, CA (group)
Parallel Projects@NYDC, Chapter Two: a show of objects, New York, NY (group)
Bedford Gallery, See Jane Run, Walnut Creek, CA (group)

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, At This Place, San Francisco, CA (solo)
University Library Art Gallery, Worth a Thousand Words: The Book as Image, Sonoma State University, Sonoma, CA (group)
Stephen Wirtz Gallery ,Rrose Selavy, San Francisco, CA (group)
Contemporary Jewish Museum, Scents of Purpose: Artists Interpret the Spice Box, SF, CA (group)

Signal66, BARELY LEGAL: Danger, Washington DC (group)
SBC Park, Heart and Soul, San Francisco, CA (group)
Diablo Valley College Art Gallery, Politics, Pleasant Hill, CA (group)
University Art Gallery, Danger, California State University, Chico, CA (group)
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Hard Candy, San Jose, CA (group)
Pasadena Museum of California Art the not-so still life: A Century of California Painting and Sculpture, Pasadena, CA (group)
Stephen Wirtz Gallery, What's Doin', San Francisco, CA (group)
Off the Preserve, di Rosa Preserve annex space, Danger, Napa, CA (group)

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, Things Go Round, San Francisco, CA (solo)
Littlejohn Contemporary, Ignotum per Ignotius new work, New York, NY (solo)
Ulrich Museum of Art, Not So Cute and Cuddly: Dolls and Stuffed Toys in Contemporary Art, Wichita, Kansas (group)
Kirkland Arts Center, Well Heeled: Artists Who Use Shoes As A Muse, Kirkland, WA (group)

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Portrait Obscured, San Jose, CA (group)
Oakland Art Gallery, Visual Alchemy 1: Laurie Reid, Lucy Puls, Alan Rath, Mari Andrews, Oakland, CA (group)

Memorial Union Gallery, Party Mix, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA (solo)
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Darker Side of Playland: Childhood Imagery from the Logan Collection, San Francisco, CA (group)
Nathan Rosen Gallery, Magic and Ritual, Boca Raton, FL (group)

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, White Elephant, San Francisco, CA (solo)
San Francisco Camerawork, Timekeepers, San Francisco, CA (group)
San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, This is Not a Book, San Jose, CA (group)